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Care Coordination for People with Chronic Conditions
This report explores new and innovative state programs that seek to bridge the medical and long term care systems to provide better care for people with chronic conditions.


Chronic Conditions: Making the Case for Ongoing Care
A new chartbook that takes a comprehensive look at chronic care in America today and in the future.


Coordinating Care for the Chronically Ill: How Do We Get There from Here?
This report reviews innovative state chronic care programs, including results, and identifies considerations in creating chronic care programs that link medical and supportive service systems.


Hearing on Promoting Disease Management in Medicare
Dr. Gerard Anderson's testimony before the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee.


Making Case Management Work in Government Programs
Presents information about barriers to effective case management in government programs and what can be done to improve case management services for people with chronic conditions.


Medicaid Buy-In Options: Helping Persons with Severe Disabilities and Chronic Conditions to Work
Presents study findings concerning implementation of the Medicaid buy-in programs for people with chronic conditions and severe disabilities.


Medical Necessity Determinations in the Medicare Program: Are the Interests of Beneficiaries With Chronic Conditions Being Met?
This report looks at how Medicare policy can deny access to needed maintenance services and proposes ways to address the problem.


Out-Of-Pocket Medical Spending For Care Of Chronic Conditions
Presents information about the personal health care spending of people with chronic conditions by type of insurance coverage and number of chronic conditions.


Physician, Public and Policymaker Perspectives on Chronic Conditions
Presents information from recent opinion polls of physicians, policymakers, and the general public about awareness of problems facing people with chronic conditions.


Prevalence, Expenditures, and Complications of Multiple Chronic Conditions in the Elderly
Presents information about how the risk of preventable hospitalizations or avoidable inpatient complications increases with the number of chronic conditions in the Medicare population.


The Clinical Characteristics of Medicare Beneficiaries and Implications for Medicare Reform
Presents detailed data on Medicare beneficiaries, chronic conditions, and service utilization by age and disability status, and suggests how Medicare could change to better meet beneficiary needs.


The Interdisciplinary Team in the Management of Chronic Conditions: Has Its Time Come?
This report examines different care team models and barriers to widespread adoption.


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