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The Partnership

What are the Partnership's specific activities?
The Partnership conducts research, builds awareness, and identifies solutions.

Conduct research to answer specific questions:

  • How many people suffer from chronic conditions? How rapidly is the number growing? What are the negative consequences of chronic illness?
  • What types of benefits do large corporations offer for people with chronic conditions? Which benefits packages are models for both the private and public sectors?
  • What is the impact of private sector insurance benefits on health care and productivity for those with chronic conditions?
  • How does the way in which doctors and hospitals are paid affect the quality of care for people with chronic conditions?
  • Are there other ways to pay for care and support that is not covered by private insurance or public health coverage programs?

Raising awareness and communication:

  • To share the Partnership's research with consumers, patients, business leaders, advocates and health care professionals who wish to improve the lives of people with chronic health conditions.
  • To inform policymakers about the best private sector benefits packages, and how they might serve as models for public programs

Identify promising solutions that will:

  • Better meet the needs of people with chronic conditions by improving private and public health insurance benefit packages.
  • Support people with chronic health conditions to live fuller lives in their communities.
  • Identify health maintenance organizations, hospitals and other groups that provide the best possible care for those with chronic health conditions.

The Partnership




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